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Sunday 11 March 2012

Looking ahead

Emily is going to be 17 next January and so we thought it would be a good idea for her to learn the basics of driving by barelling up and down the (private) drive in the farm 4WD.  She has already proved competent driving a tractor, ergo an automatic car should be a breeze.

Apparently, I am not as patient as HWISO.  Now, there's a surprise. 

I barked the instruction to slow down as we approached a corner because she could not see what was coming the other way.  She pointed out that, as it was winter, she could see through the hedge and see that the drive was clear.  Whilst having this "discussion", we began to gently veer towards the field of oilseed rape on our left.

My point?  The road ahead may be visible if we squint through the branches of a dormant hedge.  Looking ahead and anticipating problems that may be round the next corner is a good quality in a driver but not sacrificing your imminent safety (or that of the Oilseed Rape crop!) is also of paramount importance.  It is all about finding a balance.

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