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Friday 30 March 2012

Impulsive Focus

No one said that parenting would be this much fun.  I am going to give you a little insight into two very different people, with the same genetic codes.

The scenario: a warm, sunny day near the end of term at school.  A group of teenagers are hanging around in the corridor waiting for lessons to start.  They are bored, restless and acting in a pack.  One girl is hovering with her hand over the Fire Alarm button, saying "Dare me?"

Person 1: Should I push the button?  Should I?  What would happen if I did?  The alarm would go off and school would be disrupted, the staff would get angry and try to find out who did it.  What if someone told it was me?  What if people hate me enough to get me into trouble?  The staff would be really cross.  I would get a lecture.  They might even suspend me, or phone my parents, or put me in detention or something.  Then, I would be in real trouble and everyone would think I am an idiot.  What if I got suspended?  I would miss my lessons and get behind.  This might mean I wouldn't get the grades I want because the questions in the exams are bound to be about the stuff I missed.  So, no, I'll just walk away.

Person 2: "I'll just press the button. LOL"

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  1. Its what makes life rich and serves to teach those on the opposite ends of rhe spectrum, how to move more to their own middle! I love it!