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Monday 22 July 2013

The nicest woman in the world

according to HWISO, came to tea yesterday.  This is a title she briefly lost when she gave ME (please note, family, ME, not the rest of you), Pirate.  He was a very naughty sharp toothed disobedient terrier pup.

TNWITW bought her lovely husband, an old school friend of mine, with her, along with her 8 year d, who stayed in the pool for two hours.  Bless.  Pirate was SO pleased to see AJ and Debs that he actually smiled....

This morning I have spent in the car trying to find G at the Latitude Festival.  I eventually got my little girl, covered in dust and rave paint, fed and watered and then home for a bath.  I expect we will see her sometime tomorrow morning.

The lovely Helen rang to say No Chemo This Week.  Something to do with leaving two weeks between the treatment.  I am still quaffing the antibiotics and feeling a lot better.  They make me sleep well too.  However, last night I had the pleasure of Uhu in my room.  Not quite sure a) how he got there; and b) when he arrived, but I awoke to find Em trying to coax him off the snuggly sheepskin rug by my bed and back downstairs.  I was pretty sleepy so I said to leave him.  I do wish I hadn't.  Male labradors fart and snore in a particularly loud way, alongside shuffling around to find a more comfortable position and licking their bits because they can ALL NIGHT LONG.

I woke from a dream about being trapped in a sewer this morning, to find myself eyeballing a black lab, who was (literally!) panting to be let out.  Eww - he really needs a doggy dentist.

I was most flattered when another blogger blogged the T-Shirt.  FTR, I am more than happy to share it around.  The more smiles it brings, the better.

I am intending to spend some time this afternoon working out whether my hair is growing back or it is just a patch that HWISO sheered very short, when he "tidied up" my hair.  I was amused to note that AJ (he of the luscious black curls when we were 17), also gets Einstein hair when rubbed vigorously with a towel.  We were like two Jack Nicholsons at the table....

UHU of the Very Bad Breath

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