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Tuesday 3 April 2012

Poor me - Aquagenic Urticaria

There was a very short segment on aquagenic urticaria yesterday on the radio and I thought I would do a short "poor me" post on what it is like to live with this.

Moisturiser is my best friend.  For example, on Sunday, I spent half an hour with gardening gloves on - loose fitting ones - and I got through a whole tube of Neutrogena that afternoon.  I have tubes in my car, my handbag, by my bed, in the kitchen, the sitting room and the bathroom.  I buy at least one large tube twice a week.

Wearing my wedding ring depends on what I have done during the day.  Yesterday, I cleaned one bath which means my hands swelled and my wedding ring sits in its little pot in the kitchen until the swelling goes down enough for me to get it back on - maybe later today?  I cannot wear any other rings.  Bracelets irritate, necklaces itch.  Earrings are OK.

I have to think about what I am doing during the day when I get dressed.  I cannot wear socks all day, as they make my feet sweat.  If I am going out in the afternoon, I make sure not to wear socks in the morning.

If I wake up hot and sweating in the night, I have to immediately throw off all the bedclothes to ensure that the sweating stops and dries as quickly as possible.

I cannot wear tight fitting clothes or any man made fibres.  Sometimes, the red welts from a tight fitting bra take up to 12 hours to disappear.

I cannot swim.

I can shower briefly, with loads of Oilatum.

I cannot have a bath.

Peeling potatoes can result in agony.

Most nights my hands are so hot, itchy and swollen that I want to take a cheese grater to them.  Running them under cold water to cool them down is NOT an option......

I cannot wear gloves to wash up in, peel vegetables, clean baths, take clothes out of the washing machine, empty the dishwasher, wipe the table, etc. - they make your hands sweat!

I cannot go anywhere without an umbrella and a hat....just in case.  I live in England!


  1. Oh you poor love! I really feel for you. And here I am moaning about being in bed with a heavy cold. You put me to shame. Lots of love, BM xxx

  2. Oh Charlotte you're like the wicked witch of the wests rocking cousin, only. Opposite kind, caring, witty and instead of melting your blowing up! You are just going to have to get yourself a handmaiden and do some delegating. Where are the munchkins when you need them?I always saw you as a great leader. I Love you Charlotte <3

  3. nasty, nasty, nasty. I do hope that the medics can work out a way of sorting it out.

  4. ((((((((((((((((((((( Charlotte )))))))))))))))))))))

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  6. i no how u feel i have had this two years now .not good ii work as a cook and also a cleaner .i iitch like a witch lol

  7. Hives, or urticaria defined as a condition of the skin known for its itchy welts. Hives are extremely uncomfortable and can make the sufferer very irritated.