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Wednesday 11 April 2012

Brain disorder language - reblogging Laura.

What language means to you

I'm preparing a slide for my presentation at the upcoming AED conference in Austin. My job is to explain why the parent community finds biological explanations for eating disorders more helpful than other terms. I've heard hundreds of such comments over the years and want to share some of these quotes to an audience that is skeptical.

I want your quotes!

Why do YOU find biological language helpful, if you do? What "lightbulb" moments have you experienced about this? When was the first time you heard that EDs might have a biological basis?

Make them short, and tell me who I can say said them, e.g.

"When I realized our son's strange behavior was something wrong in his brain I stopped being angry and started giving him the support he needed to get well." B. R., Oregon

"The Minnesota Study changed everything for me. It was about the food, at least for a while." T.T., Brisbane

P.S. No, I'm not saying or asking you to say that experience, environment and parenting don't matter. Just what role biological, genetic, nutritional, brain circuitry, brain chemistry, brain anatomy, etc. play in your attitudes and your actions around your loved one's eating disorder or your own eating disorder or your clients' eating disorder.

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