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Wednesday, 25 April 2012


So I spent a lot of time thinking about the Fairy Blogmother, when visiting my brother in Italy.  Why?  Because his house is located about three quarters of the way up the "hill" on the north side of one of the most southern glacial valleys in Italy.

The views are quite spectacular.  You can see the harsh gouges left by the mighty glacier on the landscape and almost hear the creaking and groaning of the protesting, retreating ice.

What it has left behind is a view of stunning beauty, a fertile valley strip of almost medieval fields and farming.

which runs from the mountains, Monte Sibillini (Umbrian-Marchean mountains) in the East

 to the glistening blue Adriatic at Pedaso in the east (with the spectacular rainbow)

Although you feel on top of the world, when looking out from the terrace at the view, there is still a way to climb up to Monterubbiano.

 And why was I thinking of the Fairy Blogmother?  She has, for a while, likened the advancement of new treatments, ideas and theories for eating disorders as melting a glacier with a box of matches.  While I was away, soaking up the atmosphere, this was published.  I reckon this was worth a couple of flame throwers worth in the melting stakes.

Laura, if the melting glacier leaves behind the awe inspiring, massive, breath-taking views that I experienced in Moresco, the end result will be spectacular.....


  1. Beautiful! I had not yet heard the analogy of melting a glacier with a box of matches! Love it - I say we all show up with our match boxes to advance new treatments, ideas and theories!

    Thanks for sharing some photos of your amazing time of filling yourself up! Thank you for taking care of you so beautifully so we may all continue to benefit from all the wonderful work you do! You are being a great role model of self care at it's finest! Here's to all parents of kids with eating disorders getting a trip to Italy! :)
    Becky Henry

  2. Yes please!! And let's get out some of those super-long matches they use to light fireworks.