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Thursday 18 October 2012

Recovery Tour

Livvy (on the left) and Camille (on the right) have been staying with us for the past couple of days.  As you can see they are wussy Australians and need thick down skiing coats (and thick socks!) to walk the dogs on a mild (12 degrees) Autumn day.

Livvy is the daughter of an ATDT mother and has come to broaden her horizons in England for a few months.  She is off to Canada to teach skiing in about 5 weeks time and I shall miss her madly.  She has, however, been mighty impressed by the English ATDT mums (She and Camille are staying with Rachel in Cambridge tonight) and is filled with the hope that she can catch a few more beds in Seattle and down the west coast, hopefully ending up with M in Texas.

For anyone who thinks that eating disorders are a choice, incurable or we need to put palliative care protocols in place, just look at Livvy and understand the power of what parents can do and what recovery looks like - a beautiful, clever, brilliant young woman.

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