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Wednesday 16 November 2011

Gog Magog.

I have promised my children not to write endlessly about eating disorders.  Having spent 3 blogs chuntering, I will revert to chatting, just for them.

Yesterday, I met up with the divine R for lunch at Gog Magog Farm Shop.  She came laden with presents from my lovely US friends and we had a lovely gossip.

For those of you with a religious education, it may seem odd to hear of the Gog Magog Hills (and I use that turn loosely) around Cambridge with a name from Genesis.  When reading up on the history of the Gogs, I read: " include bronze and iron objects and pottery, including "Knobbed Ware", dating from the Bronze Age.", so ended up search Knobbed Ware which seems to have something to do with Phrygian artifacts and Troy.  Boy, those Bronze Age boys knew how to travel.

I had an interesting appointment with the Allergy Team regarding my aquagenic urticaria.  No Dr Ewan today.  However, I am now on an "exposure to water" therapy routine.  Or as my German doctor put it "Your particular venom is water".  So close and yet, so far.  An extra 20 seconds a day means I am now up to 3 minutes in the shower and delighted with the prospect that, once my hair grows back, I may have time to wash it!

My lovely cousin, E, came to stay for the night and we chatted away, gossiping about the family.  Her grandmother and my mother are sisters.  There were six siblings in total, six girls and one boy.  Two of the girls had five children each.  Two of the girls had three children.  The fifth girl (not the youngest but the second oldest) had two sons.  My uncle never married and had no children.  E and I thought it would be amusing to start a Family Tree on the Facebook App.  It was a stupid idea.  That way lies addiction and madness.  Trust me.  

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  1. My mum is in her final year of a degree in archaeology with Leicester uni (distance learning), so she would be able to tell you all about knobbed ware! She's also been trying to put our family tree together for the last few YEARS. We have a very large extended family like your own - mum was one of five, each of her siblings had 3-6 children, her own mum was one of five and just to complicate matters, mum's granddad was one of those boys who lied about their age to serve in WW1, so it's virtually impossible to find his records. It really does drive you batty after a while, but it's so interesting! Have fun :P