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Saturday, 20 July 2013

How to pose for photos

 A masterclass from Laura Collins

First check your hair......

 Put your feet in Ballet Position 3

Come closer together

Do a really over-exaggerated cheesey smile.

not forgetting to include Trouble for the Aww factor

Et Voila!

Or you can just be REALLY cool, like the photographer EB

Loving that hat.....


  1. KrisBaldo20 July, 2013

    Love them all, really hard! Hurray for Trouble, too!

  2. Trouble is very photogenic!

    Great day. GREAT day.

  3. KrisBaldo20 July, 2013

    Must comment again. Char, I am truly in awe over your lovely, long legs. I think your legs = the whole height of me! And the cheesey-smiles-with-Trouble shot is one for the ages.