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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

What is the world coming to?

(M and I wearing the same shoes in the same size!)

Via the wonderful Chevese Underhill Turner of BEDA

"Just heard that CBS is going to require all employees to get their weight, height, and BMI measured and reported to them by May. Those who don't will be penalized $600 ($50/month)." Here we go -- giving Corporations more opportunities to charge their employees in an effort help with their bottom line. THIS is exactly why the BMI thing is not a good idea.

BMI IS NOT A MEDICAL PROTOCOL.  It is a population screen.  It is an average.  It is a measure of area not volume.

Hey, CBS, I've got a great idea.  Have a look at this page.  Perhaps then you should start to fine all people with larger feet, as they are more likely to wear the carpets down.

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  1. Oh, dear. Suddenly it is all so real: my feet are totally over-size.