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Thursday, 22 November 2012

Is anorexia a choice?

A conversation on the F.E.A.S.T. Facebook page following this post.

I dont know if any of you caught the BBC new this morning but I heard the tail end of a plan to have body image lessons at school- this led me to look it up on the BBC website to see what it was all about- there are a couple of articles on it, and I found this one, if you scroll down the article it says about wiping out eating disorders.... I read a lot of view on here regarding body image and ED's and wondered what people thought of the Governments comments in this report?

Yet again, nobody says it better than Betsy:

  • Betsy Baldo In my experience during school, body image stuff as well as talking about nutrition and whatnot actually led to girls talking about and idolizing eating disorders. Girls would complain after health class about how fat they were and not eat lunch that day and swear they were going on a diet and promised they would never eat chocolate again, they would say things like "Oh my god those girls those girls with anorexia are so lucky, I want to be like that, but it's just so hard because I love eating so much..." and on and on. I would just sit there thinking about how totally useless, counterproductive and ridiculous this curriculum was. It just brings body image issues to the forefront of everyone's mind and spreads ED myths like wildfire. THANK GOD I AM DONE WITH HIGH SCHOOL.
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  • Charlotte Bevan Betsy Baldo I am going to have a book of your sayings and posts. Just saying....
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  • Betsy Baldo 'If my brain was normal, I would find a better way to express my teenage angst than starving myself to death.' A common-sense approach to dealing with Eating Disorders with a healthy dose of jaded sarcasm. By Charlotte Bevan, from the mind of Betsy Baldo.
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  • (LE) wait, you mean i could have just dyed my hair pink and rebelled against curfew rather than nearly starved myself to death and become institutionalized?? IF ONLY SOMEONE HAD TOLD ME! ;)
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  • Betsy Baldo Exactly LE!!! We also could have rocked some tattoos, a tongue ring, gotten pregnant by a no-good 22 year old boyfriend, gone goth, stolen a car, become obsessed with skateboarding and gotten all F's in school, and/or smoked lots and lots and lots of weed. But no...we just had to pick a life threatening disease!!!