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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Green eyes and empty nests:


"Do you miss me?"

There is nothing more disappointing than someone, to whom you have been exceptionally close, managing to Keep Calm and Carry On.  After an irreversible change in any close relationship, it always hurts when the "significant other" gets on with their life, without your advice, and doesn't end up wrecked, without you as their rudder.

It is FINE for you to move on, but not for the other person.  Don't they get how much it irritates that they have coped well (and may be even better?) without you?  Don't they understand that is OK for you to move on without them, but that your ego is crushed that they can succeed without you?

In these days of social media and instant communication, it is only too easy to breathlessly watch from afar, as they appear to soar and to spend hours ripping out metaphorical fingernails when comparing your smaller and more mundane experiences.

However, it is worth reminding yourself that they, too, may be feeling a little sore round the fingertips that you have not yet "died of love" for them?