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Friday 28 September 2012

Nobody does it better

There is little point trying to paraphrase  Carrie Arnold.  Her article for Slate  is pretty self-explanatory and Laura Collins has already covered the arguments.  Meanwhile, I am toe tapping in anticipation of the arrive of Carrie's new book.

Decoding Anorexia: How Breakthroughs in Science Offer Hope for Eating Disorders

Just the editorial reviewers (let alone the reviews) are enough to plan two days off just to read it.

“How can eating enough seem so simple and yet be so difficult for some people? This book simplifies the difficult enigma of eating disorders by interweaving up to the minute evidence with experience. A resource for both the professional and lay audience.” - Professor Janet Treasure, PhD, FRCP, FRCPsych, Kings College and South London and Maudsley Hospital, London

“Finding out that anorexia is a biologically-based mental illness is liberating. It sets you free to develop skills and embrace life. Decoding Anorexia explains why in a language that we can all understand.” - June Alexander, Anorexia survivor, Australia; Author, A Girl Called Tim; My Kid is Back; and A Collaborative Approach to Eating Disorders

“With turtles, deer, dandelions and orchids, Carrie Arnold deftly weaves her own experience of anorexia with the best biological science. This powerful and compelling book will help anyone gain a better understanding of a most complex, challenging and too often deadly illness.” - Susan Ringwood, Chief Executive, Beat, United Kingdom

“Carrie Arnold has done an outstanding job of translating complex and difficult research findings into understandable concepts. This book should be an essential guide for individuals with eating disorders and their families who would like to know more about how brain processes contribute to eating disorder symptoms.” - Walter Kaye MD, Professor of Psychiatry and Director, University of California, San Diego, Eating Disorder Research and Treatment Program, USA

Or as my friend, B, puts it

"No, I am not a perfectionist with control issues who is overly influenced by thin models in the media dealing with overbearing parents you douchebag. I have a $%#@#$%^&&%$#$%$#$ing biological/neurological/somecrapgoin'on disorder"

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