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Friday 1 June 2012

Congratulations, Ma'am.

Thank you to my dear friend, Ian Jones for the picture.  Just want that broach.........

Have a happy Jubilee weekend, people.


  1. She always has the best hats! It's good to be Queen.

  2. Anonymous01 June, 2012

    This Jubilee stuff makes me feel very old. I remember going to see the Queen live at the local football ground in 1977 (her Silver Jubilee). We had a school trip and waved Union Jacks. Made a change from sitting in a classroom :-)

  3. That brooch is divine!!

    But where are the shoes?

  4. Still up watching the Jubilee Thames Flotilla after midnight in Australia. Right now I'm listening to the singers from the Royal College of Music performing Land of Hope and Glory while being drenched in the pouring rain - inspiring! My parents emigrated from Belfast when I was only 14 months but Ireland and Great Britain are still very special to me.

    Martine xox