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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Tantalising glimpses via Carrie Arnold's Twitter

I have already written about following the ICED conference in Austin, Texas via Twitter and Carrie Arnold of edbites did a magnificent job of keeping us up to date with what was going on.  However, the medium is limited by the amount of characters you are allowed.

It is a bit like watching a tantalising trailer and you are left with the same feeling as you are at the end of an episode of 24 - can't wait to find out what happens.

You see this:

  • Total brain crush on Scott Lilienfeld. Great ideas, great speaker. The field needs more people like him. 

    BOTH clients and therapists tend to think that ineffective treatments helped- why we need clinical trials. 

    Confirmation bias is tendency to seek out evidence that supports our views and dismiss facts that don't. 

    Evidence based practices are a blueprint- lots of room for creative application and implementation. 
    Biggest divide between research and practice is what constitutes valid evidence and how you value them. 

    Some of research practice gap is based on clash of worldviews: are questions best set

    Most people with mental disorders are not receiving evidence based treatment, including people with EDs. 

    Psychotherapy works, but efficacy is under-rated. Good psychotherapy is even less hyped. 

    Need to subject most cherished views in psychology to criticism and scrutiny, and then correct them for accurate sci knowledge.

    Important to distinguish between science and pseudoscience in psychology and eating disorders. 

    Translates into this.

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