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Saturday 19 May 2012

Superior in every way

I am not prone to talking about things personal but I just wanted to say that my superior underwear has arrived.  Why oh why, weren't foundation garments with no clip, hooks, synthetic materials, narrow straps, underwiring or tight elastic invented before?  (And, why didn't I wait a week for the UK website to open?)

Thank you, L, for sharing your secret.  Upwards and forward, I can face the day.

Edit - I have to say I disapprove of the whole "These will smooth away your fat rolls" marketing but from the perspective of a breast cancer survivor with aquagenic urticaria, knitted, smooth, non-digging bras are like manna from heaven.


  1. I need a picture charlotte.

  2. I hate that THAT company came up with the perfect bra but honestly, I swear by these. Comfort AND flatters the girls!