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Thursday 10 May 2012

Not just an eating disorders forum...

I get flack from some members of the family about my "life online", apparent mystification about why I choose to spend my time helping other families, paying it forward, arguing with clinicians, debating with Laura (she's always right, BTW), talking to my good friend ELT about everything from brain functions to the weather "oop North" and listening to EB's dogs howl along to the telephone, whilst on Skype.

I try hard to explain that I have a much wider, more varied circle of friends, from dog rescuers in Australia, quilters in the US, the best margarita maker in the world, a stateless New Zealander who will fly half way round the world at the drop of a hat, a mad woman in Gloucestershire, a divine American in Paris and so on and so forth.  When I got ill, I got hats from  Virginia, PJs from Seattle and Michigan, t-shirts from Washington, fish biscuits from Florida - the list is endless.

The eating disorders internet community is about more than just eating disorders.  It is like a huge diversified WI meeting.  Someone, somewhere has experience of just about everything.

The warm weather has made the urticaria come screaming out of the corner, where it lay, relatively docile for the cold winter months.  Thanks to a passing remark in a blog, I am now panting with anticipation for the arrival from the US of my new "superior" underwear.  I hope this means I no longer have to rush into changing rooms of random shops in Bury St Edmunds to divest myself of my bra, because the itching is so unbearable.

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