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Thursday, 3 May 2012

Cleaning and Clenching

I turned off Radio 4 and tuned into Radio 2 some years ago now.  Firstly, because Sir Terry was so soothing in the mornings on the long school run with pre-"Can we have Radio 1?" aged children and partly because the back roads didn't lend themselves to me shouting at squirming politicians who were refusing to answer John Humphries' questions.

I tuned back into Radio 4 last week and remembered why I had tuned out in the first place. I get too involved.  I have to stop what I am doing and concentrate on what is being said.  Shouting at the radio is an entirely futile exercise but that doesn't stop me doing it.

So this morning, I decided to clear out the kitchen cupboards whilst listening to Melvyn Bragg on Voltaire and then gently idled my way through "The Man within my head" and girded my loins for Woman's Hour.  Why were my loins firmly encased in Kevlar?  The advertised format started with this.

Healthy Body Weight & Eating

This week Woman’s Hour has featured anorexia and obesity including the thoughts of the psychotherapist Susie Orbach. But where is the healthy middle ground? What is a “normal” body weight, what is unhealthily over or underweight, and how can we eat in a way that isn’t disordered? Jenni talks to Catherine Collins a Registered Dietician at St. George’s Hospital, London.

Usually this sort of thing makes me grind away another layer of enamel and clench parts of me that have long been heading in a downwards direction.

What a delightful, sensible, knowledgeable woman Catherine Collins turned out to be.  She said such eminently sensible things (ie things that I agree with) and her take on BMI was so in tune with mine, I had to immediately Google her to check that she was not a long lost cousin.  I now have to find a way to contact her and see if we can work together on dispelling the whole "BMI as a measure of health" nonsense so prevalent within the NHS.


  1. I found your blog today, trying to get together a list of helpful and recovery based eating disorder blogs I can read. I hear ya on the BMI thing. BMI is only helpful to a certain extent.

  2. Sarah

    Welcome to my weird and wonderful world. I would suggest Extralongtail and edbites as well. They are from a patient's perspective and very sciency! I belong to the Around the Dinner Table forum - you may find that interesting reading.

    BMI being used as a diagnostic tool and a marker of recovery for an eating disorder makes green steam come out of my ears.


  3. I have checked out and frequently read ED bites. I haven't checked out the other one or the forum, but will. Thanks :)