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Thursday, 3 May 2012

Bethany Wallace

Tomorrow is the funeral of Bethany Wallace.  A beautiful, gifted girl who developed anorexia after getting glandular fever.  Please take a moment to look at her picture and then understand why I do what I do.


  1. Beautiful tribute Charlotte! Brings tears to this mothers heart and eyes. And well intended people who are "helping" people lose weight don't understand why I tell them it isn't okay. They don't get it why I think the word "thinspiration" is dangerous. I feel like a broken record always saying, "not only does dieting have a 98% failure rate, it can lead to deadly eating disorders." And then they say, but what about these obese people who NEED to lose weight.

    I want them to see sweet Bethany's photo - maybe this will help it all make sense.
    Thank you
    Becky Henry

  2. Becky

    Your tireless work, advocacy and real practical help make a difference to people's lives every single day. Thank you. xx