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Tuesday 17 April 2012

Going to Italy

Mother and I are off to Italy on Thursday to visit her "baby boy" (all 6ft 2, 53 years of him!).

Whenever Mum goes to see them, the temperature plummets, the rain rolls in and we all shiver.  Sure enough, this year nothing has changed.  Having been dry for the whole of April, the rain starts today and is looking for set for the next ten days.

So no sunbathing, eating on the terrace or squiggling our toes in the sand.  Instead we will have to go shopping. Luckily, Le Marche is the shoe manufacturing capital of Italy and is awash with "factory shops" - poor me......

In the photo, Tuppence, Mum and Em in Fermo, two years ago.


  1. Have a lovely, lovely time! xxx

  2. Hope you are enjoying Italy!!! I've always wanted to go there