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Friday 6 April 2012

Friday Video - Janet Treasure

From the National Autistic Society Conference, the wonderful Professor Treasure.  I am very proud to be her friend.....


  1. A really important video - in part because re-feeding alone is unlikely to reverse inflexible thinking and behavioural rigidity.

    Another important point is that people with autism are almost invariable bullied, because peers pick up on their quirks. Furthermore, autistic girls are at higher risk for sexual abuse, because of an inability to predict other people's behaviour and a tendency to be easily duped.

    Can such trauma trigger an ED in an autistic person? Perhaps. Bullying is an established trigger for mental health issues in people with autism.

  2. *invariably* [bullied].

    Friday morning fuzzy brain.

    There are quite a few reports of EDs on the autism forums such as 'Wrong Planet' and 'Autism Women's Network'. People with autism also have sensory sensitivities relating to food, including difficulties mixing foods of different textures on the same plate; food phobias - and difficulties recognising hunger/satiety cues.

  3. I want to be recognised in the Janet Treasure fan club. She is fabulous.

  4. Janet Treasure is indeed fabulous and this is one of the best things I've seen even from her. Extra long tail's comment on this subject is also brilliant