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Friday 13 April 2012

Friday Facebook - who needs a video?

 I'm trying to grow tomatoes, round carrots and sage at the moment. I don't think any of those are related to sexiness, but I do make an amazing sage and butternut squash risotto!

Tomatoes need lots of water, sage is hardy as anything and carrots need deep soil

 These are ROUND carrots, Charlotte - they grow in 6 inches of soil and only grow to fit their surroundings. A bit like pythons and fish! I grew some a few years back, forgot to thin out the poor things and half of them came out marble size. I ate them anyway...

 As a farmer, that kind of upsets me. I like to think of carrots having enough soil to do what they do naturally, not be forced to grow the wrong way - Jeez, listen to me. Time for a glass of wine.

Aw! But they are a special carrot breed which are supposed to be round, I didn't force them to end up spherical. It's only the size which is influenced by the container, not the shape. I was sad that I forgot to thin them out so they weren't bigger, but their roundness was entertaining!


They'll still be round! They were born that way!

That's what they all say......

 You can't force my carrots into your preconceived notions of what a carrot should look like. You should think carefully about what society has taught you about carrots. I know your experience dictates that carrots should be long and thin, but these carrots are genetically short and fat. You'll put them all at risk of disordered eating if they hear you saying things like that!


  1. :) Love this. Thank you Charlotte! I would like to stop by for some of that Risotto...where is my jetpack?
    Becky Henry

  2. My risotto is awesome. After this conversation it's probably the only evidence left that I can behave like a mature adult :P

  3. My grandparents used to grow carrots. It was great. I would get excited about them and pull them up and see how big they were, then plant them back in the soil. That really helped them get bigger. haha! Or I would just nibble at the baby carron like a baby corn.