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Monday 5 March 2012


There is an idea of forming a blog network for eating disorders.  The Fairy Blogmother sent me off feedburning yesterday.  To be honest, I might as well have put my head in a blender and set it to "pulse".  It seems one of the easiest ways to do set up a blogging network is via Wordpress.

Firstly, who would like to join?  Secondly, any other ideas apart from us all moving to Wordpress?

Ideas, suggestions, etc gratefully received.


  1. Wordpress is awesome, and it's far easier to move your blog there than you might suspect - you can transfer all your content so you don't lose any posts, and it has better/easier customisation options than blogspot (in my opinion). I would even give you skype tutorials if you wanted to :P

    Other than that, I'm not so hot on blog networks...

  2. Katie

    We shall Skype! I am worried about the Fairy Blogmother whose blog takes up half of cyberspace. xx

  3. I'm in but as you say - bit stressed at the thought of moving to Wordpress and how to do it without losing anything...! XX

  4. You need to make friends with Katie and Skype with her, methinks, Miranda

  5. Definitely Miranda! I've helped a few people transfer, it's not that hard when you know how. I'm not sure Laura would want to though, given that her blog has been hosted by blogspot forever. We could at least set up a UK version, I bet we could persuade Batty and Marcella to abandon ship in favour of wordpress if we begged and pleaded and made vague noises about the importance of set shifting...

  6. Katie/Miranda - I have sent you FB friendship thingummybob. xx