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Wednesday 28 March 2012

Idiots of the Week

Idiots of the week - it's only Wednesday:

1. Jenny Craig for their "Healthy Management Tips for 13-17 year olds".

Wake up people, diets don't work.  This kind of guilty-inducing, self-esteem wrecking peddling of an unobtainable "ideal" for money is just plain wrong.  To my mind, Jenny Craig (and by default Nestle, who own them) are peddling self-harm and self-hate, all wrapped up in a smug package of self-righteousness.

2. Alliance of Girls' Schools, Australia

Perhaps if Jan Butler, Executive Officer of the AGSA had bothered to reply to some of the emails that were sent expressing concern about the CEO of Jenny Craig speaking at their annual conference, then this could have been resolved, without the intervention of media (brilliant cartoon, Sydney Morning Herald!) and a petition.  A little honey catches more flies than vinegar.

3. Everyone who has been so useless here.  A litany of disasters for Batty Matty and her son.

4. My eldest daughter.

Nominations welcome.

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  1. Sorry but why is E one of the idiots of the week?!