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Wednesday 21 March 2012

For my Australian friends

Australian parents, just in from my friend, Deb:

Hi, All,

We have an activism opportunity - our colleagues at BodyMatters Australia have let us know that the CEO of Jenny Craig Australasia, Amy Smith, will be speaking at an upcoming conference for the Alliance of Girls' Schools in Melbourne later this year. Lydia Jade Turner, head of BodyMatters, writes, "When a colleague wrote an email expressing her concerns, she was told by the Principal of Melbourne Girls' Grammar Catherine Misson that Smith is 'transforming the organisation into a champion of women's health.'"

We have good research documenting the hazards of dieting for youth. The marketing departments of these companies are appropriating concerns about weight and health to insert themselves into workplaces, schools, and healthcare settings.

Lydia asks that we  email both Ms Catherine Mission (school principal of Melbourne Girls' Grammar School and the organisers of the conference to voice your concerns.

Thank you for any help you can offer!

Best wishes,
Deb Burgard, PhD

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