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Wednesday, 7 March 2012


I do think for some of our kids growth does not happen smoothly and gradually, but in spasms that can be preceded by great pain and turmoil, like a snake sloughing its outgrown skin, or a butterfly forcing its way out of the pupa.

The world seems utterly bleak and black and worthless and devoid of joy. We can add lightness, but it seems futile just adding one drop at a time to this giant pot of black. Drop after drop and nothing seems to change, it still looks pitch black, and you are scared it will never change. But each drop makes a difference, even though you can't see it to start with. One day you will wake up and things will seem off black, a dark gray instead. Still pretty grim, not where we want to be, but it will be when the change starts to be visible. And we will keep adding drop after drop of light. Things will get better.

Two quotes from the wonderful SL - thank you, darling friend.

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