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Thursday 9 February 2012

It is cold

My American sister-in-law, snowed in in Italy, with three teenagers at home and a very hardy English husband (my brother) posted this on her Facebook wall this morning.

"I'm American. I don't share your English hatred of comfort." Cora Crawley, Downton Abbey.

Come on, Tim, turn the heating up.  A southern belle doesn't do snow, ice AND teenagers......


  1. This really made me laugh! Just to update, when our house was at 15 celsius, there was actually something wrong with the boiler although he did try to deny anything was wrong initially. Now we are up to a "cosy" 18 degrees (64.4 Fahrenheit)and I have on a t-shirt, hoodie and that massive plaid shirt thingee that your mother gave me with fake sheepskin inside so I am no longer freezing. It doesn't help that he seems to have trained the kids not to feel the cold as they are running around barefoot. I suppose I am in the minority here unless I can keep sneaking the thermometer up on the heating....

  2. 15oC is the temperature she sets for the car's air-con in summer. We are t-shirts and shoeless - and mastery of the eco-system does not need to be proved relentlessly...
    I know, I know... hands up all those who were clearing snow... getting hot without quite so much bother - not so fast Mummy.

    Another great quote was Cousin Violet "What's a weekend?"

  3. p.s. the kids are 12 - we have over 6 months till they turn thirTEEN

  4. I should perhaps explain that my brother and sister-inilaw (fighting out their heating problems on the intraweb!) have triplets - just in case you were wondering........

    (PS Tim - they were born in 1998 - that makes them 13 - the fact they were born in August makes no difference to me......)

    Gina, it is darn cold here too and I am married to another hardy Englishman. M was laughing at me on Skype last night as I sat in 5 - yes 5 - layers - vest, t shirt, shirt, cashmere sweater and fleece. HWISO turned UP the heating to 17 for a few hours yesterday but only because the boiler had gone out overnight and the house was "a little parky"!