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Tuesday 7 February 2012

Indie or InDie?

So I pick up the girls from the school bus yesterday and, on the drive home, I proudly announced that I had blogged for both of them.  Emily has already seen the video and agrees that it is the coolest ever.  I then told Georgie that I had just heard that Lana Del Ray's album had gone straight in at No 1 in the album charts.

Suddenly, a rational conversation descended into a weird Twilight zone discussion about who was more Indie with their musical tastes.  There was no aggression, no sniping, no anger.  This whole conversation took place amidst gales of laughter and good natured joshing

 "I was listening to Lana long before she became famous".
 "You are so mainstream.  Your favourite artiste has a No 1 Album.  You are SO Top 40."
 "You think you are so indie but I bet you can't spell it"
 "I can .....I N capital D I E"
 "Capital d?  Capital d?  You are so sad"

Huh?  Is it me?

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