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Tuesday 7 February 2012

Food Issues - Pre-Teen Anorexia

Can a child as young as eight really suffer from anorexia nervosa? Recent headlines claim that pre-teen eating problems are on the increase, and some professionals are blaming schools for placing too much emphasis on healthy eating and being a healthy weight. Whatever the causes – and they are undoubtedly complex – delay in diagnosis and treatment in anorexia is a real concern. So what is the difference between a picky eater and a child or teenager who is exhibiting the signs and symptoms of a serious eating disorder? Jane is joined by consultant child and adolescent psychiatrist Dr Dasha Nicholls from Great Ormond Street, and by Dr Adrienne Key, consultant psychiatrist and lead clinician to the eating disorders unit at the Priory Hospital, Roehampton.

It starts at Minute 24.  Both Dr Key and Dr Nicholls were wonderful.

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