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Friday 24 February 2012

Correlation to Income?

Meet Professor Paul Gately, professor of exercise and obesity at Leeds Metropolitan University and officially Idiot of the Month.  He surpasses even the traffic wombles from the Ministry of Magic and Highways in my previous blogs.

Professor Gately was quoted in the Mirror today.  An actual quote.

Prof Gately says: “While we need to be careful how we say it, at the same time children should know life isn’t simple and obesity is an issue they have to address.
“If there is a supportive home environment, the evidence is that eating disorders will not follow. Eating disorders, like anorexia, largely develop in the homes of white middle-class girls with controlling mothers, and the child reclaims control with how she eats. That shouldn’t happen if a child feels cared for and is taught to take ownership of their diet.”

Now this may come as a real surprise from a Professor of Exercise and Obesity.  However, when you google him, you come up with this.  He appears to own a company, a private company, that provides "Fat Camp" services to the NHS.  In 2008, he was charging £4,000 per person for the six week experience, funded entirely by local PCTs.

So eating disorders are, in fact, a problem for him - they provide him with no income stream.

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  1. ...Could be a good time now to write to all PCT's and highlight the real agenda behind Prof Gahstly...(darn autocorrect) I mean Gately's motivation.