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Wednesday 28 August 2013

Just like my mother

My mother could make friends anywhere.  Going on a train journey with her opened up a whole new world of people to whom one wouldn't otherwise have talked.  It's a family thing and I am hoping my cousin, Jane, will be able to relate the story of the bus ride into Oxford with Mum, Auntie Bid and Uncle John to demonstrate.....

Anyhows, I seem to have inherited this trait and, during a 3/4 hour wait for a blood test yesterday, I ended up sitting next door to a sweet lady from Haverhill, newly diagnosed with Breast Cancer and due for her operation tomorrow.  I tried to soothe and help (and, no, didn't tell her mine was terminal).  I gave her an "empowerment" list which went something like this"

  • Nightwear that does up with buttons - taking t-shirts on and off with missing lymph glands from armpits hurts.
  • If you haven't got decent slippers/Uggs, now is the time to invest.
  • Bring food into the hospital.
  • Forget the Complan (she has lost a lot of weight) - go for a nice ice-cream smoothie with fruit, a bit of cream and chocolate sauce.
  • Baby wipes for armpits.
  • Spanx bra-lleluiah
  • Take pain meds BEFORE the pain gets back (thanks Lisa!)
  • When people ask what they can do, give them your washing/shopping list/hoover/dog to walk
  • Don't worry beyond the next week or so.
  • Breathe.

HWISO and I had a "catch up" with the darling bank manager yesterday.  I suspect, there are very few bank managers with whom this is a pleasure but with R it is.  I know, quite categorically, that I am leaving HWISO in good hands with him because he

  1. understands farms, farming and farmers
  2. understands HWISO and what makes him tick/nervous/soothed
  3. understands my brother-in-law as above
  4. is patient 
  5. explains everything carefully, clearly, concisely and without even the merest hint of condescension 
  6. knows all the local village gossip as he lives in the next door village
  7. is on OUR side.

He also likes dogs (tick), thinks that meeting round the kitchen table for tea and biscuits at the end of his long working day is fine (tick) and never ever makes you feel he has to rush off to do something more important.  

Bill and Mary-B popped round with a very welcome bottle....OK, two bottles....of champagne last night and, most importantly, a load of funny stories, giggles, tears and love.  It raised my spirits marvellously after a long day battling it out for Nelly and rallying support and help for her across the internet.  It was a joyous way to end a long day.  However, champagne seems to make my brain fizz and I have spent all night writing blogs in my head.

This morning, my more brilliant ideas seem to be vanishing as fast as the darkness outside my window. Or am I making an excuse to drink champagne again?  I think I need to request the presence of Bill and Mary-B just to make sure that this trial is undertaken under strictly laid out clinical conditions....

Last but not least, a (very old, with hair and no yellow teeth) photo of me and my C&MED partner, Mary, who has just got engaged.  I am so happy for you.  YOU deserve it.  Love you.


  1. YES! to more champagne!

    Love and Congratulations to Mary. And what a gorgeous photo of you both, looking so happy!

  2. I love this picture, too. I'm keeping it. --Malia