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Thursday, 22 August 2013

Bottom feeding pond scum a.k.a. Dr Gregory Jantz

I have come across some charlatans in my time and I understand that "healthcare" in the U.S.A. involves marketing and P.R., something we are not so used to in the U.K.  (Disclaimer:  I know private health providers market here too, especially to NHS Comissioners, but it is a different, less obtrusive kind of marketing).

We have a new member of the forum who lives is Ecuador.  Her only resource for help is a facility that is "allied" with the aforementioned Gregory Jantz, PhD - he is NOT a medical doctor.  Just so we are all clear on that.

In my opinion this man is:

  1. deranged/delusional
  2. a charlatan peddling dangerous crap to sick people
  3. using a pseudo Christian approach without an ounce of Christianity
  4. in it for the money
  5. all of the above

Look, y'all know by now that the first thing I say to patients is: This is not your fault.  You are not choosing it.  To parents I say:  This is not your fault. You are not causing it.

I then try to explain about biology, genetics, pre-disposing characteristics such as perfectionism (which are in the main, GOOD characteristics but can go a little too far) etc etc etc.

When challenged on genetics, GJ says the following:

"In my experience eating disorders are not inherited; rather the faulty behaviours relating to food, body image and dieting are inherited.  You may have a predisposition towards a pattern of disordered eating or even an eating disorder because of the environment you have grown up in or because of abuse.  It is a learned response, a coping mechanism, that may have come from your family situation but it is not inherited.  An unhealthy situation, usually within the family, is behind an eating disorder.  Look within the family, not the DNA".

Er?  Oookkkkkkk?  He then goes on to explain:

" I believe that some kind of abuse or pain lies at the heart of every eating disorder or dysfunctional relationship with food.  It may have been blatant, such as sexual abuse; or it may have been subtle such as verbal assualts on your self-esteem or self-worth; or it may have unintentional....Emotional abuse may be hidden under years of denial, but its there."

Wow, GJ.  You don't mince your words do you?  For a man of God, you sure are quick to blame. 

God comes into his treatment a lot

"Doing nothing and choosing to stay in a dysfunctional relationship with food is sin."

Really?  What a truly Christian way to look at this.  Would you be saying the same to someone who had a visible disability?  A leg blown off in Iraq?  Spina Biffida?  Asbestosis?  Would you?

Or do you think you can just prey on vulnerable people whose illness is not "visible".  Because you are not a charity - you charge - A LOT - to spout forth complete nonsense.  

I have no argument with religion.  I think everyone should be allowed to choose what and how they believe.  I have a lot of time for people who do some really good things in the name of their religion.  I am just finding it difficult to reconcile how someone can call themselves a Christian but continue to perpetrate such cruelty against mentally ill people.

For a final note on how truly dangerous this man is:

Oh if only I had known that I needed a Bible and a box of crayons, instead of food....

(For further help and information about eating disorders and their treatment, please visit


  1. Well, we have the Bible, and yes it is a readable, modern translation, so doubtless we were half-way there, thank goodness.

    But - damn it! - we didn't have a box of crayons, just that stupid useless stuff called food!

    Seriously... well... There seems to be more 'finger pointing' at parents / families than there's ever been, despite all the latest scientific research plus our own experiences that prove otherwise.

    This is the third bit of parent-bashing I've seen today and it's not lunchtime yet!!!!!!

  2. I don´t even know what to say. After years of working on my guilt as a mother of a daughter with a severe ED, I have finally come to a place of peace within.

    My daughter grew up on our farm, with no pressure on eating meals, tons of healthy food choices, a feminist mum with no emphasis on body image stuff (in fact celebrating larger body types), surrounded by unconditional love. In therapy with her, she always mentions what a great childhood she had and the above points.

    She was carefree, high spirited, adventurous, with a very good appetite until she experienced a trauma at a friends house in grade 8. This was the seed that was planted. It lay dormant, but given further perfect conditions over time, was able to sprout and develop into her full blown ED over 8 years. (Perhaps the soil the seed fell onto was somewhat fertile due to the genetic piece. In the other 99% of young women, it would never have survived.)

    She went to Kenya after Grade 12 to volunteer, lost weight due to the food choices and availability, and came back to the non stop flattering comments about how great she looked. This was the spattering of water that kept the seed alive.

    Subsequently her father left the family and has completely neglected this beautiful daughter ever since - a daughter that he was very close to - before this they homeschooled, farmed and played music together - friends remember them as almost inseperable. It has been a huge shock to our entire family, and we lost not only our family unit, but our farm, and our income.

    The perfect storm had now been created. The seed of doubt (trauma), fertile soil (genetics), bits of water (social ideals, compliments on weight loss), another trauma including neglect from a parent provided the rain storm, intense sunlight and hot conditions to nurture this seed into full bloom.

    It is unfair to be using such blame centered, out dated information. It can also be a dangerous path where patieints and parents wander back down the twisted road of guilt and
    despair. The coulda shoulda woulda´s that have probably haunted most of us until we were educated properly.

    It´s been a painful journey back to a place of self love and acceptance for many of us.

    Please excuse yourself from this group, as some of us may backtrack, back into the weeds, poison ivy and suffering from whence we have so diligently worked to emerge from.

    sue nelson

    1. What a wonderful comment and THANK YOU for sharing your story.

  3. sorry, 90% of other young women, not 99%.

  4. Jeez Louise.

  5. So with a very VERY depressed dear friend, with ~10 suicide attempts in the last 5 years, where does one go? This decision has to be made quickly, and his facility was recommended by several professionals.

  6. Anonymous05 June, 2014

    I know someone currently awaiting admission into this facility and I am in shock. Which book did the page you posted come from? When the facility was called, they told my friend nothing about religion, yet nothing about common therapeutic practices. I am not sure what to tell her now, as this is the first negative post I've seen on him and he is not a Doctor?? That I will follow up on.
    Any other information would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

    1. He is a Doctor from a highly accredited school in Seattle. He specializes in counseling and has a Doctorate in psychology counseling. I am curious where this woman's rage stems from towards Dr. Jantz. I am a former client from The Center and now a Masters in Counseling student. I had a wonderful experience and greatly respect this man.

  7. I just picked up a book by Gregory Jantz and googled his name out of curiosity. Sounds like you are blasting him pretty hard here. I believe his intentions are good, and doesn't really deserve to be called "pond scum" just because he doesn't believe eating disorders are inherited. Whether they are or aren't, what choice do we have at this point other than to work on the things that we can change and have personal control over?

    I struggle with depression and OCD. Many days I feel like giving up, I feel like "what is the point of doing anything". I could sit here and blame my illness and feel like crap all the time, or I could try to do something positive to change my situation. I'm trying to learn how to do the second one. I think we all have to accept personal responsibility over our own current situation, whether it is "our fault" or not.

    Back to the original topic, I think it's unfair to Mr Jantz for this blog to have a post with this title. It came up 6th in the google search results for his name.

    I just read on the blog's main site that the original author of this blog passed away. To the family: I am truly sorry.

    However: May I plead with you that this post's title be changed to something less defaming of Jantz? Perhaps "I disagree with Gregory Jantz".

    Thanks for your consideration.

    1. Thank you Organic IO for your thoughtful reply. Dr. Jantz is a PhD is Psychology Counseling, and in the U.S. these individuals are referred to as "Doctor." His facility, The Center • A Place of HOPE is recognized as the leading facility in the U.S. for the treatment of depression and anxiety.

      Dr. Jantz pioneered "whole person care" over 25 years ago, now recognized as the mainstream approach to healing and restoring those with mental health issues, including eating disorders. His approach to treatment has saved and restored thousands of lives around the world.

      The original post takes significant liberties with small snippets of text from the book and does not allow context from the overall book. If one reads it, there is no blame on parents (though it is possible for some parents to bring about an eating disorder), nor is there blame on the individual.

      Dr. Jantz notes that there is always something that we can discover that contributes to the illness. It may not be overt from a parent, family member, friend or associate. It may be subtle...but there is always something and, once discovered, the individual can begin to work through it and, ideally achieve balance, peace, strength and happiness.

      Dr. Jantz is a man of high character and is widely regarded as a leading innovator in the treatment of eating disorders who is credited with achieving much improved results in long-term recovery. If you meet him, you will quickly discover he is a kind and committed professional not interested in blame, but how to help an individual achieve wellness.

      His staff is highly regarded, world-class and deeply committed to compassionate and high level care.

  8. What if, what if you are BOTH right? Do your positions require mutual exclusivity? What if solutions to complex problems require a complex interplay between numerous theories and approaches? I don't know either you or Dr. Jantz. I just happened upon this blog while looking for something else. I rarely comment on blog posts, but I am greatly saddened by the tone presented here. The anger and accusations leave no room for growth of understanding. For anyone.

  9. I have known Dr Gregory Jsntz for years. He is a man filled with integrity and Zhodly character. Before you blast him you may want to meet and get to know his heart. He is an amazing man with a great heart. I highly recommend his Center for Hooe and his writings !

  10. I have know Dr Gregory Jantz as a friend and colleague for years. He is a man filled with integrity honor and Godly character. He has generously given to my ministry we work with the traumatized) before you blast Dr Jantz it may be good to
    Meet him
    And see his heart. He truly has a heart of gold!

  11. I read this post and then read it again thinking perhaps I missed the part that made Dr. Jantz "pond scum". There is nothing in your quotes or in the caption from his book that should raise one's ire - at all. What comes to mind is that famous saying, 'Thou dost protest too much...'. This blog or post serves only to point straight back at its' author causing one to wonder at the reasons for Charlotte's misplaced anger. I just returned home after staying at the Center. It and its' founder, Dr. Jantz was truly a beacon of Hope sent to me from God. The staff there are compassionate, godly men and women who truly care about the clients. Please do not let the above ignorant woman deter you from seeking help there. It is obvious to anyone reading her post that she has significant buried guilt she is projecting onto Dr. Jantz. And by the way, he never claimed he was a medical doctor - in this country you may be called 'Dr' after obtaining your Ph.D in any field.

    1. I agree with Kendra Oglesbee that both are right. With this anger there must be a legitimate reason, either in marketing, or money... or herself has been the mother who had tried everything she could, to save her daughter.... Whatever the reason, she doesn't deserve to be called "ignorant woman" either. It's extremely difficult matter, to deal with.

      I just stumbled onto this blog, while searching for answers myself.

      The problems all of us have might have originated from some misunderstanding about the natural differences of men and women; thus, our parenting style has been disabling both, as, for an example of the results, boys may grow dependency while girls feel overwhelmed and never feel good enough....