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Tuesday 21 May 2013

Wet or dry?

I talked to AM on Facebook last night.  She said

"I see a new blog from you and open it with a mixture of trepidation and anticipation and then alternately cry and laugh as I read them."

This one's for you, A, strictly for laughter only!

Having just had my bi-weekly shower and washed my thinning hair, I found myself using the shampoo for "Long Luscious Hair".  I then used the conditioner for the same.  My hair is neither long for luscious though, as per the photo, it looks quite good when blowdried upside down.  Should I be using this shampoo and conditioner?  Will they be upset when they are squeezed onto the thin, old lady hair, rather than the long luscious locks they are expecting?  Will they go on strike and NOT WORK under the Trades Descriptions Act or some such?  Am I wasting my time washing my hair with the WRONG shampoo? (Insert smilie face emoticon!)

The fact that I still have some hair worries me.  Does this mean the chemo is not working?  Over 3/4s of my hair has fallen out and will be attested to by the lovely Lynne.  Sometimes, she follows me round with the Dyson ON to catch the clumps that fall and has been known to attack my shoulders with the same, as I look like I have a rather mangy fur collar on!  But I still have a few bits hanging on.  Did they give me placebo chemo last week?  Is it just that the chemo is too busy elsewhere to attack my hair?  Will I ever need the false eyelashes I bought "just in case"?  

My second dilemma of the morning was how should I dry my hair?  On the one hand, water irritates me and an itchy neck is murderous.  But, if I blow dry it, will I blow out some of the few remaining strands that are hanging perilously in there?  Is wearing a towel round one's neck for the morning acceptable?  Should I pat it gently or rub vigorously with the towel?  How do you apply moisturising cream to the neck with water running down it?  Arghhh.

Decisions, decisions.....

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