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Tuesday 7 May 2013


I have been trying really hard recently not to "diss" the NHS, especially after watching Keeping Britain Alive but something really needs to be done about Mental Health care.

I heard today about a severe and enduring anorexia nervosa patient, with known suicidal tendencies, whom the clinical team were seriously worried about and were trying to get an IP place for.  The patient was assessed today by the CMHT, BY PHONE.

Seriously, people, someone phoned the patient at home.

Now, don't fall over with shock, but the serious anosognostic patient said they were fine.

So, that's that then.  Crisis over.  GP and rest of clinical team can rest assured that the patient has been assessed and that there is no crisis and no further action is required.

I just despair.

Please sign this pledge.  Let's get proper care as standard.

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  1. It happens far too frequently - general CMHT psychiatrists often have not a clue about eating disorders and eating disorders specialist services generally lack access to good psychiatrists even if they have other very good team members from other disciplines.