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Friday 26 April 2013


We have been through an unseasonable cold spring so far but in the past week, the weather has warmed up.

Which has been lovely.

Sort of.

As I look out of my window, all my daffodils are out.  How charming you say.  However, we have carefully planted daffs that come out in stages: first, the bright yellow ones, to match the forsythia and then on to the more mellow tones of palest yellow and cream, that usually flower gently under the plum blossom in the orchard.

This year, as I look out of my window, the orchard is a riot of yellow and cream daffodils, under the stark white of the plum trees.  The cherry trees are also out with their riot of pink and cream.  The forsythia, its garish yellow clashing violently and making one feel quite queasy, riots along the banks of the pond.  Now I notice the apple trees are beginning to unfurl their leaves.

As are the oak trees

And the horse chestnut trees

And the ash trees

And the willow trees.

The honeysuckle.

The roses.

The irises.

The grass which is a mixture of daisies and celandine.

I bring this picture of nature to you through streaming eyes, a blocked up nose and a headache.

Spring is wonderful and joyful but, like buses, I wish it wouldn't all come at once.....

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