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Thursday 16 August 2012

Good Stuff and Bad Stuff.

SO much to catch up on but a quick whirl round the ed world:

Firstly this looks like one of the most exciting projects for 2013.  It is an online library for eating disorders information and I am loving Millie Plotkin for her hard work, her dedication and her ability to assimilate a load of information.  For further information (and if you are on Facebook), please "like" here.

Becky Henry of Hope Network llc went to see Professor Chris Fairburn talk about his transdiagnostic model.  (Major discussion here on the F.E.A.S.T. Facebook page - please note mostly us Brits doing the "dissing") CBT still fills me with rage and I have always loved the "363 pages of pull yourself together" description by one of the cleverest men I know.  People, just because Fairburn got the funding to do the research to produce an evidence base does NOT mean that

a) it works for everyone;
b) six sessions is enough;
c) people should be booted out of the system when it doesn't work for them;
d) it should be used on children - it is for adults; and
e) that you are a failure if it doesn't work

This brings me neatly on to a very distressing email I received via Giant Fossilized Armadillo from a patient in a psych ward in London.  I really hoped the terrible days of abusive treatment were over for mentally ill people but it seems that budget cuts and staff shortages have led to unacceptable "shortcuts".  It was an email that was full of trauma and deep deep sadness, whilst emphasising with pathetic gratitude that abhorrent treatment could have been worse and the staff were doing the "best they can".  If I am allowed to share more, I will but I am OUTRAGED on this patient's behalf.

Stigma against parents continues apace.  This dreadful article made me spit out my tea.  Luckily the Fairy Blogmother managed to put into words everything that I was feeling.  I was Defcon 4 - what a patronising psued article that was.  Pah and Gah.

My friend, C, has started a new blog.  Esme still blows me away with her courage and deep love for her mum.  She contacted me after we had been on TV talking about eating disorders because she wanted her mum to have support.  C and I have remained giggly friends every since and my admiration for Esme and her love for her mother continues to this day.

The "blow me away" summer holiday blog has to go to the Science of EDs.  The good news/cockle warming blog post was this one.  The new discovery of the summer blog is this one - thanks to Miranda.

The photo of the week -

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