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Friday 8 June 2012

Friday video - Standing up.

I love Kathleen MacDonald, because she has one of the coolest dogs on the planet.


And she is an amazing advocate.

Eating Disorders Coalition
720 7th Street NW
Suite 300
Washington, DC 20001


  1. Thanks for blogging this and giving it great exposure. I love Kathleen MacDonald for her tireless work! She is constantly on the move advocating in the most creative ways!

  2. A great video, beautifully done. I really feel for carers of ED sufferers in the US who have to fight so hard with insurance companies for much needed medical care. We are very lucky in Australia that this is not the case with health insurance companies. Our daughter spent the first 9 1/2 weeks of re-feeding in a private inpatient ED unit, (before we discovered Maudsley/FBT and continued re-feeding on our own). We had health insurance which covered mental illnesses. We never had to prove to the insurance company that our daughter needed to be hospitalised. Our GP referred our daughter to the psychiatrist who was in charge of the ED unit, and that was it - our daughter was admitted to the unit. I think the total cost of her care was $70,000 and we only had to pay $3,000 towards that cost. My heart goes out to those who have to fight for every bit of medical care that their loved ones need.

    Charlotte, is there another site where I can view this video? Maybe, just maybe, I might show this video to my daughter, but I don't want her to visit your blog, (much as I think it's wonderful), as I post here under my own name.

    Martine xox


    Martine - the you tube site....

  4. Gretz and I thank you both. We are all in this together...and we WILL triumph in our advocacy efforts.