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Tuesday 28 February 2012

Meeting a hero

I got to meet Professor Lask on Sunday.  It was rather surreal and he was utterly charming.  I managed not to dribble, fall over my own feet, burble inanely or pull stupid faces in an effort to get attention.  (Phew!).  I am always nervous about meeting someone whose work I admire.  However, when they are a psychiatrist, it puts a certain onus on me to appear vaguely sane, vaguely grown up and vaguely intelligent.  I think I managed the vague thing beautifully.........................


  1. Please. It was a meeting of two beautiful minds!

  2. Ooh, lucky you! I have had some e-mail interaction with Bryan Lask and he seems a really nice guy.

    Do please elaborate on your meeting more, if appropriate. I would love to know what he had to say :)


    1. I will email you. I was very struck by his compassion for his patients. xx